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William and Mary Computer offers 3 diffrent "types" of Internet access technologies.

Dial Up - DSL - Wireless

Dial Up

Internet Services Dial-up Internet access using a local call is available to over forty communities. Internet Services customers can get unlimited Internet hours without a Contract or Activation Fee. Minimum computer requirements for service are as follows: Windows 95, 8MB of RAM, 486 processor, 40MB of space on Hard Drive,and at least a 14.4Kbps modem. Monthly charge is $20 per month. Why are we the best?


DSL stands for digital subscriber line , a high speed broadband data service that runs over existing copper phone lines. This digital technology allows access to the Internet at speeds up to 25 times faster than a 56K modem. DSL is a dedicated circuit that is always on, so you get immediate access 24 hours a day. DSL connections are even fast enough for video, audio, and other types of multimedia streaming.
Internet Services offers DSL in Dixon, Sterling, & Rock Falls.

Customers should consider their distance from the Telephone Company Central Office (CO) because DSL service has a strict three mile distance limit.

The CO for Sterling and Rock Falls is located at 506 North First Avenue, Sterling. The CO for Dixon is at 207 West Second Street, Dixon.

DSL Packages


Wireless Internet Access is another broadband access technology that is very similar to DSL. "Wireless" refers to the connection between two antennas that substitutes for the dedicated copper phone line used in DSL. These two antennas, one at the customer and one at the Internet Service Provider's (ISP) facility, send and receive data packets through the open air waves at a frequency that is close to but unaffected by the frequency used by cell phones, ham radios and microwave ovens. The big advantage compared to DSL is that the customer's antenna can reach up to 9 miles away from the ISP antenna. The disadvantage? Wireless needs an unobstructed path between the antennas- no trees, houses, or hills. After the wired connection passes inside from the antenna, it can be distributed to all computers in the building. Wireless Service Area

Wireless Packages